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Lose Weight In Time For Summer!

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In the middle of Winter you start dreaming of those warm days of summer. Then you imagine lying on the beach with your bikini… Wait! What? You realize last years bikini doesn’t fit you anymore! How can you possibly slip in that tiny bikini with all this newly gained weight? You should start reconstructing your body as early as possible with as many methods as possible!

Here are some tips for your diet, so you can get your body back before the hot days of summer.

No quick way!

First of all, forget the idea of quick diet; they will not work for you. Yes, you can lose weight fast in the matter of days, but the weight that you lose is – Water! You will gain back twice what you lost! So stay away from those kinds of diets.

Stay confident!

Believe that you can lose weight! Image yourself in your last year’s bikini! Feel confident! This kind of things are really important, it will sculpt your posture, improving your figure, giving you the extra willpower that you need.

Do some math!

Start counting all those calories that you eat each day. Everything that you put in your mouth must be calculated, and if you can you can write it in your journal. Compare everything you buy, if you see a less-fat food, buy it instead (also it would be cheaper, so think about the money you can save for yourself)

The ugly word!

Here comes the nasty part: exercises. No diets will help you lose weight fast, only the joined forces of both can really help you. By exercises I don’t mean you have to go to the gym, you can; for example, instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Increase your speed walking and the hand swing, as it will get your heart pumping and thus helping you lose weight. Take a walk in the evening and get a friend to walk with you. The most exciting weight loss exercise is jogging, if you manage to do that, you will lose that excess weight in a month or two.

Be smart!

Be smart about your eating habits. Don’t through out different kinds of food just because you’re on a diet. Diet means organizing your meals. You should never forget eating breakfast, because it’s the most important part of your daily eating. (Some studies have shown that if you eat less you’re less likely to feel hunger throughout the day.) Don’t skip meals, because it will make you hungry later!

Water is the key!

Drink A LOT of water! Water is the key part to losing weight; it will drive the toxins out of your body.

Ask some friends!

Stay motivated! Try dieting with your best friend, and see who gets the best results, support of your family and friends is very crucial to you, so ask around if anyone wants to join.

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