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Buttocks exercises! How To Shape Your Butt

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Hey Ladies! So you want a nice butt? The best buttox exercises are the ones that will help you sculpt your booty. These include Squats, Dead lifts, and Lunges. There are 3 main muscle types in your buttocks the Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Maximus. Here are the main exercises that will help you sculpt those 3 areas.

The largest muscle in your butt is Gluteus Maximus and this muscle must be worked out the most, as it takes up the most space in your buttocks. Do some Lunges, Dead Lits and especially the squats. All of the exercises mentioned above will help you also lose fat. But for your butt to look nice you must also incorporate cardio exercises, weight training and some diet.

The treadmill workout is best suited for you at this moment.
You should also consider jogging, because it helps your butt lose weight and keep the muscles concentrated.

Alternating your routines should help your body lose weight faster, so one day – jogging, the next one – bicycle, swimming or just walking. The routine that you did yesterday must be different from the routine you do today.

Get your heart pumping, increase the intensity of your workouts, go fast and harder each time you do something, it will help you burn more calories. The ideal heart rate is about 70-80% from your maximum heart beat.

Don’t take the elevator at home, go by stairs, it’s a good way to shape your butt. Several times a day, and in about a month you will start noticing the results.

In conclusion, I would like to say, that some men tend to like big butts instead of skinny ones, so keep that in mind, are you 100% sure you want to lose your weight of that special place, and don’t forget to ask your partner about this.

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